Imran Khan: Pakistan: Punjab police arrests 540 more leaders, workers of Imran Khan’s party over violence

Imran Khan: Pakistan: Punjab police arrests 540 more leaders, workers of Imran Khan’s party over violence

LAHORE: In cases filed against them under the Anti-Terrorism Act across the province for carrying out attacks on the Corps Commander House in Lahore, public and private buildings, the Punjab police arrested 540 more leaders and members of the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Friday, Dawn reported.
Since May 9, the Punjab police have filed 205 cases against party officials and employees across the province.
There was a brief altercation between police officers and PTI employees on Thursday night. Police raided PTI’s office on Jail Road to arrest party members listed as suspects in instances reported to several police stations, Dawn reported.
The party members reportedly threw stones at the police but retreated when more officers were requested to assist.
Following reports that workers were congregating there in huge numbers to welcome PTI Chairman Imran Khan after court relief, the police presence was increased around his Zaman Park mansion on Friday evening.
Dr Usman Anwar, the chief of Punjab police, said in a statement released here on Friday that offenders responsible for attacks on police teams, critical infrastructure, and both public and private property did not merit pity.
“These miscreants are being identified and traced through CCTV footage, video recordings and social media posts,” he said, according to Dawn. After Friday’s arrests, the number of detained leaders and supporters had risen to 2,790, the Punjab police said.
Imran Khan expressed gratitude to the court for “upholding the Constitution,” as the Islamabad High Court (IHC) prohibited authorities from detaining PTI Chairman Imran Khan in any cases–even those that are undisclosed–registered across the nation till Monday (May 15).
Notably, Imran Khan returned to his residence in Lahore’s Zaman Park in the wee hours on Saturday after two days of detention, reported Geo News.
He was greeted all the way to Lahore by PTI supporters. Imran took a road route to reach his Lahore residence, marking his return after a tumultuous period.
The arrest of Imran Khan at the IHC on May 9 triggered violent protests across the country. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court intervened, nullified his arrest, and ordered his release.

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