Florida Man Bump Into 11-Foot Alligator During His Morning Exercise

Florida Man Bump Into 11-Foot Alligator During His Morning Exercise

The gator was successfully captured.

In a terrifying incident, a Miami man who was out for his daily morning exercise routine ran into an enormous 11-foot alligator. The alligator was spotted just outside the Homestead Sports Complex and was later captured by Pesky Critters, a local wildlife control service.

A video of it has surfaced on the internet. The clip shows the massive gator gnashing its jaws and lashing its tail against the local wildlife control service team. However, after a lot of struggle, they were able to capture the gator. Pesky Critters described the gator as being “like something out of Jurassic Park.”

Watch the video here:

A spokesperson for Pesky Critters told Newsweek, “It’s the largest alligator that has been captured in Miami Dade county in quite a few years.” The spokesperson shared that the resident was very startled and called the police. Pesky Critters was also called to the scene.

The spokesperson further said, “After quite the battle of the gator repeatedly lunging at owner Todd Hardwick, they successfully captured the gator with the additional assistance of local police to secure the area while they wrangled this gator.”

Earlier, a 23-year-old man from Florida lost an arm after being attacked by an alligator near Fort Myers. He was attacked at a pond behind Banditos Bar in Port Charlotte.

Authorities with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and EMS responded to the incident alongside the state wildlife agency, after receiving a report that a man had been bitten by an alligator.

The wildlife officials later confirmed that the alligator which measured 10 1/2 feet long was later killed.

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