BJP launches ‘quit corruption, dynasty, appeasement’ on Quit India Movement Day to spite INDIA bloc | India News

BJP launches ‘quit corruption, dynasty, appeasement’ on Quit India Movement Day to spite INDIA bloc | India News

NEW DELHI: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking the lead, the BJP on Wednesday launched a massive nationwide campaign on Quit India Movement Day in a bid to puncture the opposition’s INDIA bloc.

As the nation observes the Quit India Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi on August 9, 1942 against the Britishers, the BJP has seized the opportunity on the 81st anniversary of the day to train guns at the Congress-led 26-party opposition bloc INDIA, an acronym for Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance.
The prime minister has been taking potshots at the opposition for naming their formation as INDIA by stating that even banned organisations such as Indian Mujahideen, Popular Front of India (PFI) and Student’s Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Britishers’ East India Company had the word ‘India’ in them.

He has been attacking the BJP’s rivals, particularly the principal opposition Congress party, over corruption, dynasty and appeasement politics.
In the latest salvo fired at the opposition, the PM on Wednesday said in a post on X, “Tributes to the greats who took part in the Quit India Movement. Under the leadership of Gandhi Ji, this Movement played a major role in freeing India from colonial rule. Today, India is saying in one voice: Corruption Quit India. Dynasty Quit India. Appeasement Quit India.”

Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan, in his tweet, said, “New India is saying in Amritkal. Corruption – Quit India. Nepotism – Quit India. Appeasement – Quit India. Every social evil – Quit India. #QuitIndia.”

BJP’s social media head Amit Malviya posted several tweets as cards and video clips as part of the party’s campaign against quitting corruption, dynasty and appeasement on the Quit India Movement Day.
He said, “Today, India is saying, Corruption #QuitIndia. Nepotism #QuitIndia. Appeasement #QuitIndia.”

He also posted three separate cards. The first one asked corruption to quit India.

The second card asked dynasty to quit India.

The third card asked appeasement to quit India.

The PM has asked the BJP MPs to publicise the campaign in their constituencies. The BJP seeks to spread the campaign throughout the country ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election in order to counter the opposition’s attempt to gain political mileage out of their bloc’s name INDIA.
On August 6, Prime Minister Modi attacked the 26 opposition parties for naming their bloc INDIA. While addressing an event via video conferencing after laying the foundation stone for the redevelopment of 508 railway stations throughout the country, he said August is the month of revolution, gratitude and duty and filled with many historical occasions which gave a new direction to the history of India.
Modi mentioned National Handloom Day which is celebrated on August 7 and dedicated to the Swadeshi movement.
Talking about the importance of August 9, the prime minister said the Quit India Movement began on this historic date. It created new energy in India’s struggle for independence. “Inspired by this, the whole country is chanting Quit India by saying corruption – quit India, dynasty – quit India, appeasement – quit India,” he said.
He charged the opposition again on August 7, in an event to observe the National Handloom Day.

This was Modi’s veiled dig at the opposition bloc INDIA. He has been taking potshots at the INDIA bloc.
On August 3, in his meeting with NDA MPs from Bihar, PM Modi had reportedly jibed at the opposition bloc, saying it is not INDIA but “Ghamandia” – an alliance of the arrogant.
Earlier on July 27, while addressing a public rally at Sikar in Rajasthan, the PM took a swipe at the opposition bloc’s name INDIA. He said names such as the Britishers’ East India Company and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), which changed its name to Popular Front of India (PFI), cannot mislead the people merely by using the country’s name.

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