Minister wants Dasara Sports to get back its old charm

Minister wants Dasara Sports to get back its old charm

This year’s Dasara Sports held during the Nada Habba festivities here, are expected to get elaborate arrangements for giving a new dimension to the State’s sporting event with Minister for Youth Empowerment and Sports B. Nagendra asking the officials to ensure proper arrangements for the sportspersons while announcing a grand sporting event in the CM’s home turf.

The old charm of the sporting event has returned this year and therefore, elaborate arrangements have to be made for its success. The estimates for holding the event and other expenditures connected to the event should be sent to him soon so that the planning can be done, the Minister said, after a meeting on Dasara sports at the Deputy Commissioner’s office on Thursday (August 10) evening.

“The Dasara sports is one of the important events of the famous Dasara festivities. There has to be no shortcomings in organising the event where thousands of sportspersons take part. The preparations have to be proper and there should be no deficiencies since it is the home district of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah,” the Minister said.

Deputy Commissioner K.V. Rajendra said a meeting presided over by the Minister in-charge of Mysuru district, Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa has been convened next week where the arrangements and other details will be discussed. A lot of participants are expected this year, he added.

Last year, over 5,000 sports persons attended the Dasara sports. It was a challenge to arrange the accommodation for all of them. “We shall plan in advance accommodation arrangements for the event,” he said.

In the final rounds of the sports events, as many as 1,500 sportspersons are expected to participate. “If we have planned the earlier rounds of group and individual sports events before Dasara and coincide the final events during the festivities, the accommodation issue can be addressed to a large extent,” the DC felt.

While asking the district administration to overcome unnecessary expenditure, the Minister said the government has decided for a grand Dasara and preparations have to be perfect since it is the CM’s home district.

Sports Commissioner Shashikumar said over 5,000 sportspersons are expected to participate in this year’s event and arrangements as suggested by the deputy commissioner can be ensured.

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