‘7-foot flying aliens’ in Peru ate faces, claim locals. Cops say they were…

‘7-foot flying aliens’ in Peru ate faces, claim locals. Cops say they were…

Last week, villagers in Peru were terrified as they claimed seven-foot flying aliens “ate faces” and attacked them. But now Peruvian law enforcement officials suspect that what villagers thought were the ‘pelacaras,’ (the face eaters) were actually members of an illegal gold mining syndicate hailing from different parts of Central and South America.

Locals had initially described the attackers as silver-coloured beings with enormous heads, who were impervious to the tribe’s hunting weapons.

According to Ikitu, a group of indigenous people, this summer’s ‘alien’ siege began on July 11, with locals facing vicious attacks by flying, 7-foot-tall mysterious beings in dark-colored hoods, as per a report by The Daily Mail.

The illegal miners attempted to kidnap a 15-year-old girl on July 29. The teenager reportedly sustained cuts to her neck and other injuries during the attempted kidnapping.

And another man was also reported to have been wounded in the head by the “aliens”.

“They seem armored like the green goblin from Spider-Man,” Ikitu leader vila told The Daily Mail.

“His head is long, his mask is long, and his eyes are half yellowish. With that they see you well and they leave,” he said.

The officials claimed that ‘seven-foot-tall aliens’ were likely the gold mafias belonging to drug cartels like Brazil’s ‘O Primeiro Comando da Capital,’ Colombia’s ‘Clan del Golfo,’ FARC, which ravaged Latin America for decades.

These jetpack-flying gold cartels are now trying to instill fear by spreading an ‘alien’ terror through their actions in Peru, as per the prosecutors. They claimed that these cartels aim at keeping the local people locked in their homes and away from the illegal gold pits of the cartels.

These “gold mafia” groups have been ejected from their own countries by their respective militaries, according to Peruvian officials, and have now descended on Peru to hunt for gold illegally.

The illegal mining gangs are clearly using sophisticated technology to propel in and out of the area and an investigation is underway.

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Aug 13, 2023

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