IIT-Guwahati’s PhD scholar clinches best product design at Vishwakarma Awards 2023 for groundbreaking water quality monitoring system | India News – Times of India

IIT-Guwahati's PhD scholar clinches best product design at Vishwakarma Awards 2023 for groundbreaking water quality monitoring system | India News - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Satyam, a PhD Scholar in the department of biosciences and bioengineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT-Guwahati), recently achieved a significant feat by securing the “Best Product Design” award in the Water and Sanitation category at the prestigious Vishwakarma Awards 2023.
The competition, organized by the IIT-Delhi in collaboration with Maker Bhavan Foundation and the WIN Foundation, aimed to recognize and support innovative minds in technology from science and engineering colleges across India.The theme for 2023 focused on water and sanitation, clean technology and smart mobility. Satyam’s winning device, R-SAM-PROis an IoT-enabled water quality monitoring system that outshines existing devices in terms of cost-effectiveness and integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).
Prof. Sanjukta Patra, from the department of biosciences and bioengineering at IIT-Guwahati, congratulated Satyam, acknowledging his dedication and innovation in developing the IoT-enabled water monitoring system. She praised the project for its technological advancement, reflecting a profound understanding of the challenges faced in water resource management, particularly in developing nations. The system’s affordability, accessibility, and real-time data transmission capabilities were highlighted as not only showcasing technical prowess but also a commitment to societal betterment.
The R-SAM-PRO device distinguishes itself by comprehensively addressing critical water and sanitation needs through technological innovation, integrating IoT, multiple sensors, and AI readiness for advanced water quality monitoring. Its real-time data provision is deemed crucial for environmental conservation and resource management. The device’s affordability and user-friendly design make it highly accessible, with the potential for widespread adoption, especially in resource-limited settings, significantly enhancing water quality monitoring practices.
Satyam shared his inspiration behind the innovation, emphasizing the critical issue of water pollution in developing countries. He expressed the aim of empowering communities and authorities for effective water resource management through the provision of a cost-effective, multi-parametric, IoT-enabled solution.
Key features of the award-winning IoT-enabled real-time water monitoring system include integrated GPS for precise location tracking, diverse sensors for comprehensive water quality analysis, an ESP32 Microprocessor for efficient processing and communication, a hybrid power system for adaptability, AI integration for enhanced data analysis, and advanced data retrieval for user-friendly interactions.
Looking ahead, the innovators plan to enhance the device over the next 1 to 7 months by integrating more sensors, ensuring market readiness with necessary certifications and approvals. They aspire to expand their impact, reaching a broader audience, and contributing significantly to sustainable water resource management on a global scale.

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