Findability Sciences launches Business Process Co-Pilots for businesses | – Times of India

Findability Sciencesthe provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and solutions has launched its suite of Business Process Co-Pilots (BPCs). Findability Sciences’ BPCs leverage technology to help navigate complex business processesthereby unlocking approximately 30% – 50% reduction in human efforts and millions of dollars in operational expenses.
The company claims that BPCs are primarily beneficial for companies that have complex human-centric business processes that involve unstructured data and skilled labor. Catering primarily to the manufacturing, retail, BFSI, healthcare, and pharma industries, Findability Sciences’ BPCs will ensure complex business processes are no more just a responsibility of skilled labor, but they have an able co-pilot to perform the tasks better, cheaper and faster.
Anand Mahurkar, CEO of Findability Sciences, said, “Our Business Process Co-Pilots are a unique suite of solutions that will reshape how business processes function. By harnessing AI’s power, we are transforming business ecosystems and offering far more than merely a technology tool. We are providing our clients with robust co-pilots that drive innovation and redefine business processes while enabling employees to focus on more strategic activities, enhancing productivity, and minimizing operational costs. Findability Sciences’ BPCs are a groundbreaking innovation that will benefit every medium and large business, irrespective of the industry.”

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