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Google is reportedly considering rebranding its generative AI-powered chatbot ‘Bard’ to ‘Gemini’ next week. The company is said to be preparing to launch Bard Advanced – its powerful AI chatbot that will be powered by Gemini Ultra – its largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks.
The potential rebranding was hinted by Android app developer Dylan Roussel in a post on X (formerly Twitter).A previous report also claimed that Google will rename Bard to Gemini.
“Google added a new changelog for Bard, and — oh boy — it’s a big one! The availability in Canada is awesome! That said I don’t really understand the limitations with the app. That’s disappointing as someone who lives in Europe,” he said, adding, “Oh by the way… is real.” When clicked, the link returns a 404 error.

A purportedly leaked photo of a changelog dated February 7, 2024, provides insight into upcoming features and the name change.
According to the changelog image, there is a possibility of introducing an ‘Advanced’ tier powered by Gemini Ultra, which is touted as Google’s most advanced large language model to date. This model is speculated to rival or even surpass OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is utilised by ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft Copilot AI chatbots.
Bard Advanced will be available as a subscription
Last week during the company’s Q4 earnings call, company CEO Sundar Pichai said that Bard Advanced will be available to users as a subscription.
“It’s (Bard) now powered by Gemini Pro, and it’s much more capable at things like understanding, summarising, reasoning, coding, and planning. It’s now in over 40 languages and over 230 countries around the world. Looking ahead, we’ll be rolling out an even more advanced version for subscribers powered by Gemini Ultra,” said Pichai.
Google noted that its powerful large language model (LLM) is capable of handling tasks such as logical reasoning, coding, following nuanced instructions and fostering creative collaboration. The company also hints at ongoing improvements to Gemini Ultra’s capabilities in analysing files, data, documents, and more, slated for the “coming months.”
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Gemini app for Android
Another notable update that the changelog suggests is the introduction of the Gemini app for Android devices. Google claims that this new app will facilitate learning, writing thank-you notes, event planning, and other tasks with the assistance of Google AI directly on users’ phones.
Gemini may integrate the app with various Google services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. While Android users will have access to a dedicated app, iOS users may need to utilise the Google app to experience Gemini’s features.
Microsoft Copilot app is already available on Android and iOS.

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