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A Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) is an important official document issued by governmental authorities, serving as conclusive proof of a motor vehicle’s registration. This document encompasses essential details about the vehicle, including its registration number, make, model, engine and chassis numbers, owner’s particulars, and other pertinent information.Essentially, the RC validates the legal ownership and identity of the vehicle, constituting a mandatory requirement for its operation on public roads.
Moreover, it signifies that the vehicle adheres to the necessary regulatory standards for safety and compliance with motor vehicle regulations. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on the RC, including changes in ownership or address, is imperative to ensure legal conformity and facilitate effective communication with relevant authorities. The official website of Delivery Service provides comprehensive guidelines for this procedure, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for vehicle owners.

What documents are required for address update on vehicle RC

The Parivahan Sewa website outlines the necessary documents for updating the address on a vehicle registration certificate:

  • Application on Form 33
  • Certificate of registration
  • Proof of new address
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Pollution Under Control certificate
  • No Objection Certificate from financier (if applicable)*
  • Smart card fee*
  • Attested copy of PAN card or Form 60 and Form 61 (if applicable)*
  • Chassis & Engine Pencil Print*
  • Signature Identification of owner*

Note: Certain states may require additional documentation as indicated by the asterisk


How to update address on vehicle RC online

  • By following these step-by-step instructions, vehicle owners can effectively navigate the process of updating their address on the Vehicle Registration Certificate, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maintaining accurate documentation.

Accessing the Official Website
Visit the official website of Parivahan Sewa or Vahan e-services Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to initiate the process.

  • Click on the Login button and enter your user ID, password, and security code to access your account.

Accessing Online Services

  • After successfully logging in, proceed to the “Online Services” area and choose “Vehicle Related Services” to continue.

Providing Vehicle Details
Enter your Vehicle Registration number and the last 5 digits of the chassis number to verify ownership.

  • Generate a One-Time Password (OTP) and enter it after receiving it on your registered mobile number for authentication purposes.

Initiating Change of Address

  • Choose the option for “Change of Address in RC” to begin the address update process.

Form Submission and Document Upload
Fill in all required details in the online form, including insurance information, and upload necessary documents through the designated Document Management System (DMS) option.

  • Select an available date to schedule an appointment for verification at the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Payment and Receipt Generation
Upon completion of the form submission process, make the required payment, and a receipt will be generated for your records.

  • Print out the generated receipt and visit the designated RTO with the receipt and original documents for verification by the authorities.

Address Update Confirmation

After successful verification, your address will be updated on the Vehicle Registration Certificate, ensuring accurate and up-to-date documentation.

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