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Interpol has highlighted the challenges and threats posed by Meta-crimes in the growing world of the Metaverse. The report focuses on issues such as groomingradicalisation, cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, theft of virtual property and crimes against avatars.
Interpol has highlighted the difficulties faced by law enforcement due to the lack of standardisation, interoperability, and the multi-jurisdictional nature of virtual worlds.Investigating crimes in the Metaverse becomes even more complex as the virtual environment is accessible through various devices and systems.
One major challenge noted in the report is the absence of physical evidence in virtual crime scenes. Investigators often deal with digital interactions involving virtual assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can easily vanish or be altered.
Despite these challenges, the report acknowledges opportunities for law enforcement in the Metaverse, including advanced simulation, virtual crime scene preservation, and immersive training.
Interpol Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, stresses the increasing complexity and transnational nature of the criminal landscape with the rise of technologies like the Metaverse. He expresses concerns about the world’s readiness to tackle criminal activities facilitated by the Metaverse and artificial intelligence.
The report emphasizes the importance of understanding Metaverse technology for first responders, digital forensic specialists, and the judicial system to ensure the safety and security of the virtual environment and protect individual rights.
Interpol advocates for a holistic approach involving multi-stakeholder engagements and cross-border collaboration to effectively combat Meta-crime. The organisation aims to assist member countries in comprehending the challenges and opportunities presented by new technologies, providing law enforcement with the necessary tools and training.

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