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OpenAI has announced a new feature for its AI-chatbot — ChatGPT that allows users to interact with custom GPTs easily. The new feature is aimed at offering ChatGPT users an easy way to enable custom GPTs and interact with them to get the desired results.
“You can now bring GPTs into any conversation in ChatGPT – simply type @ and select the GPT. This allows you to add relevant GPTs with the full context of the conversation,” said the company in a post on X.
OpenAI integrates custom GPTs into ChatGPT’s chat box
ChatGPT now has the option to bring up any GPT into any conversation just by typing “@” symbol right within the chat box.This saves users from the effort of opening the GPT Store in the ChatGPT, finding the GPT they want to use and then clicking on it to start using.
With the new feature, users can directly type the GPT name with the “@” symbol and start interacting with it in the middle of any conversation. This allows users to add relevant GPTs with full context of the ongoing conversation.
Open AI has also dropped a small video showcasing the feature in action. According to the video, users need to login into their ChatGPT account and start interacting with it. The moment they feel the need of a custom GPT for a specific task, all they need to do is type @ symbol in the chat box and choose the GPT they want to pull up in the conversation.
Bard offers a similar function, but for different services
Google’s Bard also has a somewhat similar feature available where users can type the @ symbol and then choose one of the available services like YouTube, Google Workspace apps, Gmail, Flights, Drive, etc.

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