This viral nude leak has made Elon Musk’s X top on App Store – Times of India

Elon Musk-owned Xformerly Twitterreportedly hit the top slot among free apps on Apple’s App Store in the US on Wednesday, February 9. The app topped on Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads just as another celebrity image scandal was going viral on its platform. Singer Drake was trending on Twitter/X on, but not because of his music.
The hashtag “drakevideo” was trending as of Wednesday in the US, after a video that users speculated to be the Canadian rapper Drake half nude and engaged in a sexual act spread across the service.Reports suggest that the video clip appears to have been filmed on his private jet.
The incident comes less than two weeks after X struggled to stop the spread fake, AI-generated explicit images of Taylor Swift circulated on the platform. At one point, X was forced to block all searches for the artist’s name on its platform to contain the spread. The nonconsensual images, which appear to have been made using AI, showed the pop star in sexually suggestive and explicit positions.
X is “completely committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users,” spokesperson Joe Benarroch said in a statement, adding that the company has a “zero-tolerance policy” for the sharing of nonconsensual nude images.
The company has already taken actions on thousands of posts, according to Benarroch, and X is “actively monitoring the situation” to remove new violating posts.
Musk reportedly slashed teams responsible for content moderation and safety features on the site shortly after he took over the company in 2022.

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