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At an event in New Delhi, popular food delivery app Zomato announced that it will distribute Bluetooth-enabled helmets to 3 lakh+ delivery partners.
Rakesh Ranjan, CEO, Food Delivery, Zomato, said,“We’re proud of the fact that in the last few months, 10,000 delivery partners have received professional first-responder training to help with any emergency they might come across – including first-aid, CPRs.Today’s event and the introduction towards distribution of bluetooth enabled helmets for delivery partners, reinforces our commitment to their welfare and safety.” Ranjan further said that the company remains focused on exploring innovative ways of ensuring the well-being of both delivery partners and the communities they serve.
Utilising an AI-powered hybrid system, the helmet integrates sophisticated functionalities including helmet wear detection, chin-strap lock status monitoring, and preset conditional constraints for non-compliance. To activate the helmet, delivery partners must power it on, link it to the application, and don it securely. Advanced sensor technology embedded within the helmet discerns the presence of a human head and confirms the chin strap’s secure fastening. This innovative setup ensures adherence to safety protocols and enhances operational efficiency for delivery personnel.
Furthermore, iIn the fiscal year 2023, the company claims to have disbursed more than 250,000 wearable assets to delivery partners. These assets included jackets fitted with reflector strips to enhance visibility during nighttime operations. Zomato also launched an extensive maternity insurance scheme tailored for female delivery partners, encompassing pregnancy-related costs, including childbirth expenses. Zomato also embarked on initiatives to cultivate inclusivity within its delivery fleet. It welcomed over 300 individuals with disabilities into its workforce and empowered 2,000 women through a dedicated program.

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