Russian soldier alleges commanders exploit ill troops as frontline ‘cannon fodder’ – Times of India

Russian soldier alleges commanders exploit ill troops as frontline 'cannon fodder' - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Ukrainian military intelligence has shared an audio clip purportedly capturing a Russian soldier‘s grievance over his commanders‘ decision to deploy severely ill servicemen as frontline expendables. This claim was made public via an audio post by Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate (GUR) on its Telegram channel, highlighting a conversation where the soldier decries the tactical use of ailing troops from his unit in active combat zones, a Newsweek report said.
Key points from the intercepted call:
The soldier alleges that members of his unit, including those battling diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV, were sent to fight in advance of healthier counterparts.
-In a stark accusation, he claims, “lost the whole f****** company, you killed them all … stupidly threw in as meat, as cannon fodder.”
Health Concerns Among Troops: He reveals his HIV status and notes the prevalence of serious illnesses among the personnel, listing conditions like hepatitis, suspected tuberculosis, lung diseases, and brain tumors.
-The soldier mentions his immune system was compromised due to a change in temperature, exacerbating his health condition.
Issues with Compensation: There are claims that soldiers who served on the front and were later transferred to reserve service faced financial neglect.
-He recounts an instance where he was threatened with penalties and redeployment to the frontline for expressing grievances against the military leadership.
-This intercepted conversation underscores the reported low morale and challenging conditions faced by some Russian military personnel engaged in Ukraine. The GUR frequently publishes such communications to illustrate the state of disarray and dissatisfaction within the ranks of Russian forces.
The authenticity of the audio clip has not been independently verified by external sources so far. However, the narrative presented in the audio clip, if accurate, provides a grim insight into the tactics employed by commanders in the conflict zone, raising serious humanitarian and ethical concerns about the welfare of troops on both sides of the ongoing conflict.
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