Two missiles explode in Yemen’s waters, no damage reported – Times of India

Two missiles explode in Yemen's waters, no damage reported - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Two missiles were reported to have exploded in the waters south of Yemen on Friday, according to maritime monitoring agencies. These incidents come after a series of attacks on shipping by the country’s Houthi rebels.
Risk monitor Ambrey has confirmed the occurrence, stating that a “vessel reported seeing two blasts” in the Gulf of Aden. This information has been further corroborated by the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations of the British Navy.
Despite the explosions, there have been no reports of any damage caused by the missiles.
No group immediately claimed responsibility. Suspicion immediately fell on Yemen’s Houthi rebels amid their campaign targeting shipping over Israel’s ongoing war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Earlier, Yemen’s Houthi authorities ordered the US. and British staff of the United Nations and Sanaa-based humanitarian organisations to leave the country within a month, according to a document and a Houthi official said on Wednesday.
The decision follows strikes by the United States and Britain, with support from other nations, against military targets of the Iran-aligned group, which has been launching attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea that is says are linked to Israel.
Last week, the US government also added the Houthis to a list of terrorist as the country trying to stem attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea.
The Houthis have said their attacks are in solidarity with the Palestinians as Israel bombards Gaza.
“The ministry … would like to stress that you must inform officials and workers with U.S. and British citizenships to prepare to leave the country within 30 days,” said a letter sent by the Houthi foreign ministry to the U.N.’s acting humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Peter Hawkins.
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